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Driving lessons - prices and duration

For various reasons, an hour is just not long enough for a normal driving lesson. Two hours is ideal, as it allows time to drive to the bigger towns where the test centres are located, and encounter a wider range of scenarios to suit your ability and confidence.

I will do hour lessons, but these might only be for manoeuvres and your first few lessons, depending upon where you live.

Prices for driving lessons Suffolk
Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Hadleigh driving lessons Suffolk

First hour FREE! (2 hour lesson, beginners only)

1 hour for £30

2 hours for £50.00

Block booking £ 230 for 10 hours! (for anyone - not just beginners)

Learning to drive is a big decision and one that needs a long term commitment. To ease the burden a little, Fit2drive will charge you the same price for lessons until you pass. Though I'm happy my prices are fair, I hope you won't ever feel 'short changed'.

Driving lessons with Fit2drive will include lots of DRIVING. Time by the side of the road explaining stuff will be needed, and discussion of problems that crop up is essential, but this is never done to pad lessons out or save on fuel!



Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury, Hadleigh driving lessons Suffolk

One more thing...

If you introduce a friend, and they clock up 5 hours or more, you get a free lesson (1hr duration).