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Cats Lane confusion!

Wed 18th May 2016

It's Cats Lane in Sudbury again! Once again, lets do 'hold backs for beginners'. A hold back is where you wait behind cars or obstructions on your side of the road to allow other cars to come through. They have 'priority', though this is given rather than taken - if you see what I mean. With a big row of parked cars, you might actually need to look well ahead to see the car coming through. If you need help seeing cars then I recommend going to see Helen, Sandra and the team at!!

In this clip, my hold back position was fine, but behind me I saw a car clearly intent on driving past, so I indicated right to help make things clear. But nope - she drove straight past, as did the car behind her. Then the squeezing began. Hold backs often require a bit of give and take. Sometimes, pulling into a small gap might be possible, but not worth it if you've only got 2 or 3 cars left to clear. That's why I always get my learners to think what's reasonable, rather than insisting on their priority.

Look ahead - think ahead - it's not that hard. Need help? You know what to