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Coronavirus - July Bulletin

Fri 31st Jul 2020

"Sit rep" as soldiers say in the movies! This is a situation report; an update about where we are regarding driving lessons and tests (theory and practical).

After a couple of unavoidable commitments in July I had to work around, as of next week (3rd August) I am back working as properly as I can given the situation; we'll get into that soon.

When lockdown was first announced, the Government shut down all Theory and Practical driving test centres. After that it was decided to allow lessons, theory and practical tests for key workers only.

Now the situation is this:




Get up-to-date information about this and everything test related here.

I've had surge in demand in the past couple of weeks from both starters and many learners resuming after a break from driving. So at some point I will be juggling the needs of pupils that are nearly test-ready with those in this new 'batch'. I will try my hardest to schedule everyone that wants a lesson, but just be aware that lessons might be a bit ad hoc until the backlog clears in the next two months or so. In the meantime, for pupils that don't want to resume without a firm test date in sight, I'd recommend keeping your skills topped up with a lesson every two or three weeks. If you're able to get private practice, then this is much less of an issue, but do make sure to keep those routines in check and drive as if you're on your test!

As ever, if you have any questions, do get in touch on Facebook, by e-mail or text.