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It's Christmas - deal with it.

Thu 24th Dec 2020

So if the all the havoc and devastation wasn't enough, it now looks like Father Christmas has been kidnapped and locked in a cupboard for the duration. Thanks Covid, unreal. For many it's the worst year they will ever know and, when the dust settles in months to come, one we'd choose to forget, but never will.

For many pupils, the intermittent on/off learning has been a challenge, and the perseverance of all of you to keep motivated toward your goal is admirable. For others, circumstances meant that when the wheels stopped turning at the first lockdown, the learning sadly had to stop too. Let's hope we can pick up where we stalled and make it over the finishing line before too long!

As you will know, Tier 4 lockdown measures mark the end of driving tuition until further notice. If Suffolk is moved to Tier 3, then driving lessons and tests can resume. Tests booked for January are unlikely to go ahead, but I'd be speculating wildly if I gave any predictions for February or beyond. If any pupils with tests booked do get their test cancelled and rescheduled, please let me know.

So make the most of it. Mark it however you can with as much cheer as you can be bothered to muster, and I know all of you will have a Christmas, and a New Year. And don't eat too many sprouts!

I'll keep in touch and see you in 2021!


New Year!