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It's not easy being keen...

Thu 7th Jul 2016

Learning to drive is hard work. In the early stages, your brain is trying to juggle gears, clutch, brakes and steering, whilst all the time being fed a rush of apparently jumbled information from your eyes! It's little wonder it takes a while to get used to.

Now, I can juggle - a bit anyway, and I promise that learning to drive is more difficult. Slowly but surely, you find that your limbs, eyes and brain start working together and information flows freely between them. Once the function of driving starts to become second nature, driving becomes about decision-making, planning and observing. When the muscle memory and the physical stuff becomes embedded, your brain is free to do all that thinky stuff it's best at.

I teach you to drive, but I also teach you to think. Everything you do when driving has to have a reason. I often ask learners that have come from other instructors why they do something a certain way. Too often the answer is 'because my old instructor said so...'. Oh, that's alright then. NO, it's not! Why should you position to the left at this narrow right hand bend? Why might you need to go to 4th gear rather than block change to 5th when coming onto a dual carriageway? Being told WHAT to do is meaningless without also being encouraged to think WHY and WHEN to do it. Don't just learn to drive - become a driver.