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Learn to drive - seriously?

Thu 30th Jun 2016

When I'm teaching, I see lots of other driving instructors every day.  I've noticed that many of the learners (most, actually) look bored.  I also know that lots of driving instructors  say little or nothing on lessons beyond the bare minimum about where to go and, you know, actually teaching stuff (maybe).

Furthermore, when it comes to teaching, some instructors will spend a whole lesson going on about a specific subject, with detailed explanations and repetition. Now, lots of situations need explanation, and repetition is a valuable way to learn new skills. With Fit2drive though, it's very rare that I will spend masses of time on a single topic in any one lesson. Having introduced and explained a subject. I don't expect perfection that lesson or even the next. As long as the groundwork is done well, a skill can be learnt and honed over time. Over weeks, many elements will be introduced, combined and improved with practice. This gradual 'layering' of skill and competence means that lessons have variety, and this means you, the learner, remain engaged and challenged (well, hopefully!).

On the way, if we can also have a chat and a laugh, then why not?