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Many hold backs...

Wed 27th Apr 2016

Now, you might have noticed that people do stuff in their cars that they might not do at home. If I said just two words - lots of guys out there, you know what you do. Picking? Eating? Mmmm. Maybe the girls do it too, but no so obviously.

I say this, cos in this clip you'll hear me make silly noises and whistle tunelessly. Couldn't tell you about that, no comment. While we're at it, I'd better fess up that I talk to myself, and my cats - oh, and I say 'sorry' to snails I accidentally squash when I'm taking the bins out. Ok?

Here you'll see four hold backs. In awkward streets like this one, you need to look well ahead and think ahead too. Always think from both directions. In other words, put yourself in the other drivers position/vehicle. Planning like this will make you think 'how can I make things easier for this guy in the BIG truck?', Usually, in holding back and tucking in for larger vehicles, you'll keep yourself out of trouble too. Why press on into a narrowing gap when you can pause for a second or two and let the hazard (lorry) pass by.