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Mini roundabouts

Sun 19th Jun 2016



Mini roundabouts. They should be so simple, but they seem to tie people up in knots!

Q: Do I need to signal on approach to them?
A: Yes, signal as you would with normal roundabouts.

Q: Do I need to signal to exit a mini roundabout?
A: Not usually. In most cases, the distance between entering and then exiting the roundabout is so small, by the time you've put a signal on - you're already off the roundabout! The exception is where this gap is larger - double minis, for example. BUT, this is not required, just not a bad idea if it's going to be useful to someone.

Q: Do I really have to go around the white paint?
A: Unless you're driving a truck or a large van, then you MUST NOT drive on the white paint! That's what the Highway Code says. In reality, it's really hard to avoid all the paint on many minis, but you should at least try! Driving straight over them is just wrong and dangerous. They are there to slow traffic down to take a good look and give way as required. If you're always planning to 'straight line' them, then you're not likely to be looking enough.

Q: Loads of people signal left if they're going straight on (1st exit), is that correct?
A: If there's someone waiting on the opposite side, this tells them that you're not coming across their path. It's not necessary, but you can do it out of courtesy.

Q: On a mini roundabout, who has priority when there's a car at each road?!
A: These 'mexican standoff' situations need to be handled carefully. Look at where drivers are looking. If the driver to your right is looking to his right (and not moving), then I would proceed with caution. Just make sure that you keep looking at the other drivers to maintain that visual communication!

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