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New Year - new horizons

Mon 28th Dec 2020

It's been a while. Like the state of my fitness and 'diet', 2020 has seen periods of resignation, followed by extreme enthusiasm then plunging into utter despondency. But if there's any cheer to be had, it must be in the belief that next year CANNOT BE WORSE!

So in this clipfest there's the usual dodgy overtakes and a bit more besides. I've mentioned it before, but overtaking really does need to be planned, not snatched at. You must ensure that you can overtake safely and get back onto your side of the road in the distance you can see to be clear. To do this, you may need to select a lower more responsive gear, and then when you do it, do it promptly. Then there's issues about clearance, mirrors, signalling, keeping in the speed limit. You know, stuff we teach learners every day (when we're not in lockdown!).

Talking about learners, this thing will end, and you need to plan. We've heard the demise of Covid is breaking like a new dawn just over the horizon, and if the working bit of this year is any guide, there will be a stampede of new learners following it just as I'm tucking into my porridge!

Don't wait for the rush. I have a waiting list - contact me to get on it and you might be driving somewhere, anywhere this summer!

For a free hour* of tuition when you do start, can you tell me what 'follow through' overtaking is, why it's a really bad idea and how many times it features in this video?


* £30 off a beginner pack so it's only £60 (still 2 x 2 hour lessons). Limited number only!