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Test availability

Wed 7th Oct 2020

Before Covid came into our lives, driving tests could be booked easily and you might have had a 3 or 4 week wait. Sometimes a bit more, but nothing too drastic.

Now though,  due to a change of working practice by the DVSA (examiners), the wait is humungous. If you were test-ready today, the soonest dates for test are February 2021!

This makes your life difficult because you just want to get driving and be independent ASAP, but it also causes a backlog of pupils for driving instructors. New pupils wanting to start are having to wait longer for spaces to come free.

I am trying to address this by offering fortnightly lessons for pupils that are more or less test ready. This means that in the gaps, I can start new pupils. The very popular 3 hour lesson option means that we can cover loads in relatively few lessons.

Another issue is the theory test. You need to pass this before you can book your practical test. It normally makes sense to study for your theory test whilst doing driving lessons. This way, the practical skills and stuff you see out on the road makes sense of what you read in the books/apps, and vice versa of course.

Now though,  I recommend studying for theory before even starting lessons. Even if you're not yet 17, study for it, do the mock tests on an app (ask me about this), read the Highway Code.  Then take the theory test as soon as you can! This way, your driving will be improving steadily as you work towards your test date. If it doesn't work out, you can postpone test up to 6 times without losing your fee (£62 on weekdays).

So if you want to start learning, do get in touch and I can put you on the waiting list or maybe do every other week if I can. In the meantime,  be productive,  get busy with that 'boring' theory stuff!