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The slow road to success...

Thu 2nd Jun 2016

From time to time, I get calls about doing intensive driving lessons.  Sometimes, if a learner has had some previous experience of driving, or perhaps ridden a motorbike, then intensive courses can work.

For many though, the desire to do 'an intensive' is often down to bad planning and is often based upon unrealistic expectations. There are driving instructors that specialize in this sort of tuition. I am not one of them.

Would you trust a dentist who had done a crash course. How about a surgeon? No? Why is it seen as acceptable to learn to drive in a hurry? Why would you compromise safety in favour of a quick pass? Personally, I think it is better to do a 2 hour lesson per week. If there is an opportunity to do private practice in between - that's great. If not, then take time to reflect on the lesson, let the learning soak in. 

Sometimes my diary might accommodate 2 lessons per week, but that's about as 'intensive' as I get!

As I see it, you can do it quickly, or you can do it right. Your life - your choice.