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Tiers before bedtime

Tue 9th Mar 2021

In this post, I'll be explaining how I will be structuring my lessons in the period after restrictions end. The backlog of current 'suspended' learners is already colossal. When we add the increasing demand from new pupils and the massive waiting times for tests that are likely to get er...massiver, then it will be some time before we reach anything approaching normality.


This group will include people who:

Are very close to test standard, or have previously had an unsuccessful test, and have a confirmed imminent test date.

Have had AT LEAST 20 hours of tuition, have a test coming up soon and a realistic chance of attaining test standard in the available time. This might involve extra/longer lessons where possible.


More experienced (partly trained) learners who have passed the theory test, with test booked but still some months away, or who have yet to book test.

New learners. It's important for these pupils to re-establish routines and coordination sooner rather than later so these become 'fixed' and habitual.


Partly trained learners that have not passed theory test.

New pupils.


Lesson frequency will be adjusted to take account of the needs of each group, and just to provide some continuity. This will be, more or less, as below:


Weekly lessons with longer sessions where possible. More than 1 lesson per week if needed and if practical.


Weekly or fortnightly lessons depending on need.


Fortnightly lessons.


We've all been feeling trapped and frustrated during these past several months, and it's only natural to want a short cut to the destination that's been blocked by COVID all this time. Unfortunately, there are no short cuts when it comes to learning to drive. When you're confident, competent and safe, you're ready for test. No sooner.