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Waiting list and lesson times...

Mon 9th Jan 2017

Somewhere on here you'll see the bit about lesson times, duration and stuff.  Now, some pupils have found it useful to do 3 hour lessons - so bear in mind this option is always available.  In the early stages, it would probably be too tiring, as there's a lot to take in! But, as you get better, the ability to sustain concentration for longer means that 3 hours is more viable.

As pupils get closer to test, I might occasionally need to fit in extra lessons to help with any last minute hurdles, so my schedule can get a bit busier (aka chaotic!). Inevitably, tests will sometimes clash with another pupils lesson time, and where possible, we'll try to sort another lesson in the same week.

Going back to that lesson time stuff; I have stated that it's better to have to same slot on the same day wherever possible.  In reality, about 80% of my pupils work different shifts from one week to the next, and often don't know what day they'll be free until the Friday of the week before.

So, if you work shifts or a variable rota, don't worry - join the 'flex club'! I always manage to fit everyone in - well, nearly always!